The Challenge

Develop a video tutorial program that would be robust enough to be relevant to the roofing professional, but approachable to the DIY weekend warrior. A second charge was to provide the roofing community with a full view and understanding of the expansive KARNAK product offering.

The Solution

The Feury team got up on the roof with KARNAK tech guru Chris Heutig as he demonstrated the KARNAK solutions on real roofs. We kept the videos tight, so they were long enough to clearly explain the process and the value proposition for each product – and not a second more.
The videos also served to elevate the visibility of Chris, KARNAK’s sales support technical expert and brand representative. The videos have accumulated well over 1 million organic views online and outpace the engagement of much larger competitors in the same space.

We have been blown away by the success of our
installation videos. They’ve made our Chief Technical Officer
a rock star in the industry, which helps seal our position
as the industry leader in roof repair and restoration coating
products. Feury made the process easy, they made a point of
diving into the details of our world and I think it helped
them create such memorable and effective videos.

– Chris Salazar | COO KARNAK