Lord & Taylor Boca

The Challenge

Create both anticipation and buzz via local outdoor billboards and digital banner ads for the launch of a flagship Lord & Taylor store in Boca Raton, Florida.


The Solution

Bring the Fifth Avenue flagship experience to Boca, with all of its cache and glamour. And bring it with love – love letters. To woo local consumers in anticipation of the launch, we sparked a love affair between New York and Boca and shouted it writ large from billboards, social media, online and in print. Then we went further. We brought taxi cabs, street vendors, performers, stylists and more to Mizner Park mall for the grand opening. Hello, Boca. Love, New York.

The Result

We showed Boca the love, and they showed it back. The launch was both highly anticipated and hugely successful, netting increased brand awareness in the Boca area, while mitigating any risk of fashion resentment. So successful was the launch, it became the template for all future Lord & Taylor store openings across the country.

(Some images are speculative in nature.)