Procter & Gamble

The Challenge

P&G developed a series of applications designed to help global vendors better understand P&G’s payment process and the timing of their payments.  The goal of the program was to reduce vendor payment inquiries, which had become very expensive to manage.  Adding to the challenge, one video had to communicate the value proposition of the apps to a global audience.

The Solution

The Feury team developed a simple animation style that communicated via universal symbols and character expressions, first the empathy of the vendor’s position and then the approachable simplicity of the app.

The video helped make the app program a resounding success within not only the contained P&G vendor group, but with P&G management – who utilized the animated piece in presentations around supporting non-conventional solutions to conventional challenges.

The apps have delivered over $12million in savings since their launch.

“The Feury team brought a unique combination of business understanding, empathy and creative energy to our project that has not only generated a superior business outcome, but also joy and workplace satisfaction”

– Ulf Westhoven – Head of User Experience and Automation, Procter & Gamble