US Polo Association

The Challenge

With licensees across the globe, it was every man, woman and polo-wearing child for themselves. Countless licensees were brazenly flouting brand guidelines with their “unique” ideas of what it meant to be an American Classic. The results were anything but American, or Classic. But this was about more than just reigning in rogue licensees without building animosity. It was about creating a plethora of compelling reasons to be brand compliant. It was about celebrating The United States Polo Association, the very origin of organized polo in America. USPA not only defined the king of sports, it helped define Classic American style in all its James Deanian glory – then, now and always.

The Solution

Show the licensees they’re part of a proud tradition, part of a storied tradition. Rally them to the cause, thereby ensuring global unity, compliance and loyalty. How? By creating an anthemic brand video that both defined Classic American style and also placed USPA squarely at the center of this iconic fashion and lifestyle category. By simultaneously publishing an epic brand guidelines book.

The Result

A brand guidelines book that became an instant collector item among licensees around the globe. A standing ovation at The Licensing Expo by hundreds of USPA attendees (and a non-compliant viral sendup via iPhones). The result after the Expo? Increased global compliance by 42%. Increased enthusiasm to be an American Classic? 100%.