The Challenge

The Los Angeles sports and entertainment arena, home to four professional sports franchises, faced a significant branding overhaul when acquired the naming rights in December 2021. This change necessitated the rapid rebranding of staff uniforms across a diverse array of events hosted by the multi-purpose arena in downtown LA, including basketball and hockey games, concerts, and rodeos. The challenge was to develop a system that could efficiently manage the dynamic uniform needs of the staff, ensuring they were appropriately outfitted for each specific event.



To address this complex requirement, a sophisticated web-based program was designed to streamline the uniform distribution process. The program features included:

  • Role-Based Access: Different levels of purchasing access were established for staff, supervisors, and administrators, ensuring a tailored experience for each user type.
  • Event-Specific Selections: The system allows users to select apparel based on the specific event and their job function, facilitating accurate and efficient uniform distribution.
  • Custom Reporting: Advanced reporting capabilities were integrated for designated users to track spending per event, enhancing budget management and operational efficiency.


The implementation of this web-based program revolutionized the way Arena managed its uniform requirements. Key outcomes included:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The streamlined process significantly reduced the time and effort required to outfit staff for the wide range of events hosted at the arena.
  • Cost Savings: The custom reporting feature provided valuable insights into spending patterns, enabling more effective budget allocation and cost reduction.
  • Adaptability: The system’s flexibility ensured that staff could be quickly and accurately rebranded, regardless of the event type or frequency of staff turnover.

With this success, we were able to highlight the effectiveness of tailored digital solutions in addressing complex logistical challenges associated with large-scale rebranding efforts, particularly in dynamic environments like the Arena and deliver for management a scalable solution that enhanced its operational efficiency.