Managed Programs

Our managed uniform programs help businesses outfit their employees in compliant, branded uniforms with minimal effort and major efficiency. In conjunction with our in-house systems, these programs allow us to do much more than keep people in the correct apparel. We produce robust programs that provide not only uniforms but company store offerings, printed material, and custom kitted gifts and promotional products. Through these web-based systems, we create a new way of utilizing managed programs. By combining our product knowledge and operational expertise with web-based innovation, we meet customer needs with exceptional customized solutions.


*Each site custom-developed to your needs and specs
*Program flexibility
*Geographic footprint consideration
*Customized controls, permissions and reporting
*Warehousing, fulfillment and shipping
*Product care training
*Shipment and Purchasing Method Options
*Fittings and Tailoring
*Resources such as cleaning requirements and garment performance


*First-rate quality control
*Exceptional customer service
*No unexpected or extraneous changes for missing or damaged garments (as in rental programs)
*In-house embroidery, screen print, and custom striping
*Flame Resistant and Compliance Specialists
*Flexible options for every budget

Yale New Haven Health

US Open / Levy Restaurants

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