Experience the ease of equipping your team with compliant, branded uniforms through our customer-focused uniform programs. Designed for effortless management and optimized efficiency, our services extend far beyond simply providing the right apparel.

We craft comprehensive solutions that encompass custom-branded uniforms, in-house company store management, personalized printed materials, and bespoke kitted gifts and promotional items. Leveraging state-of-the-art web-based platforms, we redefine the use of managed programs to cater to your unique requirements.

With a fusion of extensive product knowledge, operational excellence, and digital innovation, we are dedicated to delivering tailor-made solutions that address your specific needs with precision and care.

Explore a web-based apparel solution at This platform demonstrates Feury Image Group’s capability in providing comprehensive, easy-to-use managed program solutions tailored to meet unique branding and image needs. offers an intuitive shopping experience for professional-grade apparel, designed to streamline the selection and purchasing process for businesses across various industries. From healthcare to hospitality, our managed uniform programs can ensure your team is outfitted with high-quality, industry-appropriate attire that reflects your brand’s standards and values. We can elevate your company’s image with our specialized apparel solutions. Find out how by contacting us today.

Complete Customization

With in-house capabilities for embroidery, screen printing, and striping, your company can be completely branded with no hassle.

Shirts Footwear
Pants Safety Wear
Outerwear Flame Resistant
Culinary Wear Accessories
Scrubs Hats
Work Wear

Your Business is Unique. You Need More Than Just a Standard Rental Program

Simple uniform rental may seem like a good idea—low upfront costs and laundry services are appealing. However the pain points involved with rentals are numerous.

Did you know you can get a better work uniform program with direct purchase web-based management rather than rentals?

Budget, manage, and control your uniform purchasing with complete flexibility thanks to our work uniform program—it’s a superior alternative to rental programs.

The Feury Advantage

Leading Brands • Quick Ordering
Fast Fulfillment & Shipping • Hassle Free Service
Streamlined Programs • Meeting Every Need

Rental is cheaper upfront but more costly in the long run. Ancillary costs like repairs, replacement, customization, environmental charges are passed on to customers

Industrial laundry means less fresh and soft garments, which means uncomfortable clothes for your employees. Up to half of employees even decide to launder clothes themselves.

Rental companies want more customers in the same garments. It’s economy of scale—easier to replace, less costly to re-rent. Higher quality garments cost more than standard rentals, and customization is often patched on.

With companies rebranding or updating their image, direct purchase allows you to easily migrate to a new work uniform program—just switch the garments you purchase. Rental programs aren’t so easy with 3-5 year contracts.

We Ask Questions, then Craft Solutions.

We get details about the number of locations you have, and how any regional differences or requirements might affect your program.

Your apparel program manager works with you to create a hierarchy of decision criteria, like cost, selection, service, flexibility, and availability.

What’s the most important factor to you and your employees regarding the garments? We rank fit, function, durability, and other factors to ensure the best possible branded workwear.

Depending on usage, industry, and necessity, we find out what type of requirements there are for cleaning – light soil, heavy soil, or even hazardous material.

Your program can include many types of purchasing methods for your employees like allowances, allotments or even branch managed.

With your program you can report, track, measure, and control purchasing options. This allows even further flexibility within your business.

You decide how your employees receive their shipments –home drop-shipping or corporate location shipping only.

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