Branded Apparel

Custom solutions that make managing your branded workwear program easy and effective.

Establishing a successful branded clothing program can offer numerous advantages for businesses, including employee motivation, cost savings, and enhanced brand recognition.

One effective method to boost employee morale is through the use of branded attire. Companies can opt for custom uniforms, specialized work clothing, or scrubs, demonstrating their appreciation for their workforce’s contributions. Employees who feel valued and rewarded tend to exhibit increased productivity and commitment to their roles.

Furthermore, branded apparel can be integrated into incentive programs, where employees can earn rewards for achieving performance targets.

Additionally, utilizing branded clothing serves as a cost-efficient means of brand promotion. Customized workwear, hats, and specialized attire contribute to a consistent and recognizable corporate appearance, reinforcing the company’s overall identity in the eyes of customers.

Lastly, branded clothing can yield cost savings for companies. It often proves more economical than traditional advertising methods and can reach a broad audience within a predefined budget. Bulk ordering can also result in cost reductions, optimizing the investment in branded apparel.

Feury Image Group is prepared to assist your business in establishing a unified brand identity and showcasing how we deliver cost savings through our process:

We listen to you and your employees about what works and what doesn’t work in your current setup.

We propose and develop solutions for pain points, and create your custom program from this framework.

The program is tested for complete workability.

Your web-based program is fully executed and automated so your employees can take full advantage of it.

We carefully monitor feedback from program managers and employees.

Continuous improvement is made to ensure satisfaction in the long term.

Your Business is Unique. You Need More Than Just a Standard Rental Program

Simple uniform rental may seem like a good idea—low upfront costs and laundry services are appealing. However the pain points involved with rentals are numerous.

Did you know you can get a better work uniform program with direct purchase web-based management rather than rentals?

Budget, manage, and control your uniform purchasing with complete flexibility thanks to our work uniform program—it’s a superior alternative to rental programs.

The Feury Advantage

Leading Brands • Quick Ordering
Fast Fulfillment & Shipping • Hassle Free Service
Streamlined Programs • Meeting Every Need

We Ask Questions, then Craft Solutions.

We gather information about the extent of your presence, including the number of locations you operate, and assess how regional variations or specific requirements may impact your program.

Your apparel program manager collaborates with you to establish a prioritized set of decision criteria, encompassing factors such as cost, variety, service, adaptability, and availability.

What holds the highest significance for both you and your employees in terms of clothing? We evaluate attributes like fit, functionality, durability, and other key factors to ensure the finest quality branded work attire.


Depending on usage patterns, industry regulations, and specific needs, we determine the cleaning requirements, which may range from light soil to heavy soil or even addressing hazardous materials.

Your program can encompass various procurement approaches for your employees, including allowances, allotments, or even branch-managed systems.

Through your program, you gain the ability to report, monitor, measure, and govern your procurement options, providing enhanced flexibility within your organization.

You have the flexibility to decide how your employees receive their shipments, whether through home drop-shipping or exclusive corporate location delivery.


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