Scrub Uniform Programs

Our scrub uniform programs will take the stress and guesswork out of buying and taking care of your employees' scrubs.

Scrub Allowance for Employees

Your workers can use their allowance to shop from our provided selection of custom-branded work wear.

Make buying healthcare scrubs easy:

Give your employees an allowance and let them choose their own styles and sizes from our catalogue – more options for your workers, less work and worry for you!


Branded scrub programs:

We can customize any workwear with your logo, graphics and text. A business where the workers are dressed in branded uniforms will always come across as more professional than one where people are wearing generic workwear.

Scrub washing and repair:

Our scrub uniform program takes care of the entire life cycle of your branded workwear, including laundry, sanitization and repair.



Scrub uniform program just for you:

Our hybrid approach lets you pick and choose which pieces of workwear you want to rent, and which to buy outright.

Customized, branded, embroidered scrubs

Scrub lifetime management program

We Ask Questions, then Craft Uniform Program Solutions.

Your Business has a Unique Profile, so let us craft a unique Scrub Uniform Program that meets your needs

Simple uniform/scrub rental is appealing in many ways – it’s an easy approach that includes laundry & maintenance and lets you save. However, it’s not always right for all institutional profiles.

Some types of workwear just don’t make sense as part of a rental program, especially if they don’t need to be washed or maintained too often.

With a Feury custom hybrid rental / direct purchase programs, you can rent frequently-washed and maintained scrubs while directly buying heavier outerwear.

Many of our clients have chosen an 80% rental / 20% purchase programs.

Contact us today to see which solution is right for you!

The Feury Advantage

Leading Brands • Quick Ordering
Fast Fulfillment & Shipping • Hassle Free Service
Streamlined Programs • Meeting Every Need

We determine your needs based on your number of locations, staff and regional requirements.

Your apparel program manager works with you to create a hierarchy of decision criteria, like cost, selection, service, flexibility, and availability.

We list and account for any required scrub qualities such as fit, function, durability, and others.

We determine your workwear cleaning needs – light soil, heavy soil, or even hazardous material.

We offer purchasing methods that work for you – bulk by branch, allotments or employee allowance for self-purchase.

Measure, track, generate purchasing reports for maximum clarity and planning flexibility.

Decide whether the workwear is shipped to work locations or directly to employees’ homes.