Zoo Uniform Management

The Challenge

A prominent West Coast zoo was struggling with its uniform management, facing issues akin to navigating a jungle. Their process was plagued by inefficiencies, inconsistency, and a lack of suitable options, particularly for female staff, due to reliance on a local supplier with limited range and no tracking system for inventory management.


Our uniform management company intervened, crafting a web-based, customized uniform program to address these challenges. The solution included:

  • A user-friendly, streamlined ordering system.
  • A comprehensive tracking system for full inventory visibility.
  • A diverse product range to ensure suitable options for all staff.
  • Localized delivery for reduced lead times.


The new program transformed the zoo’s approach to uniform management, leading to:

  • Improved operational efficiency, moving from a reactive to a proactive system.
  • Enhanced transparency and tracking, allowing for optimal uniform allocation.
  • Significant cost savings due to streamlined processes and bulk ordering.
  • Increased employee satisfaction from the flexibility and customization options available.

This partnership not only solved the zoo’s uniform management issues but also set the foundation for a lasting relationship, demonstrating the impact of tailored solutions on operational efficiency and employee morale in dynamic environments.