Fire-Resistant Workwear –Who Needs It and Why?

December 22, 2023 • Flame-Resistant Clothing

When it comes to choosing workwear, safety is always a top priority.

In industries with a risk of fire hazards, having the right protective gear can make all the difference.

What is Fire-Resistant Workwear?

Fire-resistant workwear, also known as flame-resistant (FR) clothing, is designed to protect workers in high-risk industries from fire hazards.

It is made from specialized fabrics engineered to resist burning and melting when exposed to flames or extreme heat.

Fire-resistant clothing helps prevent serious injuries and death by providing a barrier between the worker’s skin and the heat source.

It also reduces the severity of burns if an accident does occur.

Are There Different Types of Fire-Resistant Workwear?

There are two main types of fire-resistant workwear: treated and inherent.

Treated fire-resistant clothing is made from fabrics that have been chemically treated to make them flame-resistant. This treatment can wash out over time, making the garment less effective in protecting against fire hazards.

In contrast, inherent fire-resistant clothing is made from fabrics with natural properties that make them flame-resistant without the need for chemical treatment. This type of clothing is more durable and has a longer lifespan than treated fire or flame-resistant clothing.

Various types of fire-resistant workwear are available in the market, each designed for a specific level of protection.

Some common types include:

  1. Fire Retardant Cotton (FRC) – Made from untreated cotton fibres that have undergone chemical treatment to make them fire resistant.
  2. Nomex – A type of synthetic fabric that is inherently resistant to flames and extreme heat.
  3. Kevlar – A heavy-duty, heat-resistant fabric often used in firefighting gear.
  4. WeldX – A specialized fabric designed for workers in the welding industry, it protects against sparks and molten metal splashes.

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What are the Benefits of Fire-Resistant Workwear? 

Some of the key benefits of fire-resistant workwear are:

  1. Protection Against Fires – The main benefit of fire-resistant work clothing is its ability to protect workers from fires and heat-related accidents.
  2. Comfort – Despite its protective properties, fire-resistant clothing is designed to be comfortable and breathable for all-day wear.
  3. Durability – Fire-resistant workwear is built to withstand repeated use and harsh conditions, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.
  4. Compliance – In industries where fire-resistant clothing is required by law, wearing the appropriate gear ensures compliance with safety regulations.
  5. Branding – Many companies choose to have their fire-resistant workwear customized with their logo or branding, promoting their business while ensuring employee safety.

What Types of Industries Use Fire-Resistant Workwear?

Fire-resistant workwear is commonly used in industries with a high risk of fire hazards.

Some examples include:

  1. Oil and Gas – Employees in the oil and gas industry are often exposed to flammable materials, making fire-resistant clothing an essential safety measure.
  2. Construction – Construction workers may be exposed to hazards such as welding sparks or electrical fires, making fire-resistant clothing necessary for safety.
  3. Firefighting – Firefighters require specialized fire-resistant gear to protect them from extreme heat and flames while battling fires.
  4. Electricians – Electricians often work in environments with high-voltage electricity, making fire-resistant clothing a crucial safety measure against electrical arcs and sparks.

Is There a Difference Between Fire-Resistant and Flame-Resistant Workwear?

The terms “fire-resistant” and “flame-resistant” are often used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between the two.

Fire-resistant workwear is clothing treated with chemicals or specialized fabrics to resist catching fire or melting when exposed to flames or extreme heat.

On the other hand, flame-resistant workwear is made from inherently flame-resistant materials that do not require chemical treatments to provide protection.

Whichever type of FR clothing is used, the ultimate goal is to protect workers from fire-related hazards in their respective industries.

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Can Fire-Resistant Workwear Be Customized? 

Fire-resistant workwear can be customized with company logos or branding.

This not only promotes the business but also ensures that employees are wearing the appropriate gear for their jobs.

Customization options may vary depending on the type of fire-resistant clothing and the manufacturer.

It is essential to ensure that any customization does not compromise the garment’s protective properties.

Always consult with the manufacturer before seeking any customizations to FR workwear.

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Among the types of FR apparel we can tailor specifically to reflect your brand are:

  • Flame-resistant coveralls
  • Fire-resistant jackets
  • Heat-resistant gloves
  • Arc flash clothing
  • Welding aprons and sleeves
  • High visibility workwear
  • Chemical resistant clothing
  • Spark-resistant footwear
  • Molten metal protective gear
  • Chef’s jackets and hats

How is Fire-Resistant Workwear Cleaned?

Properly caring for fire-resistant workwear is essential to maintaining its protective properties and prolonging its lifespan.

Here are some tips for caring for fire-resistant clothing:

  1. Wash with care – Most fire-resistant clothing can be washed in a regular machine, but it is important to avoid using harsh detergents or bleach as these can damage the fabric’s protective properties.
  2. Avoid fabric softeners – Fabric softeners can also strip away the flame-resistant properties of fire-resistant clothing, so it is best to avoid using them.
  3. Follow manufacturer instructions – Each type of fire-resistant clothing may have specific care instructions from the manufacturer that should be followed for best results.
  4. Inspect regularly – Regularly inspect fire-resistant clothing for signs of wear and tear, such as holes or fading. Replace any damaged garments to ensure continued protection.
  5. Store properly – When not in use, fire-resistant clothing should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and chemicals that could potentially damage the fabric.

Do I Need Fire-Resistant Workwear for My Staff?

Fire-resistant workwear is crucial in industries where workers are at a high risk of fire hazards. However, even in lower-risk industries, providing fire-resistant clothing for employees can still be beneficial.

Not only does it show a commitment to employee safety, but it also helps mitigate potential accidents and costly downtime due to injuries.

Furthermore, complying with safety regulations and providing the appropriate gear can also improve employee morale and productivity.

Fire-resistant workwear is a crucial safety measure in high-risk industries and should be carefully chosen to ensure maximum worker protection.

With technological advancements, fire-resistant clothing continues to evolve and improve, providing better protection for workers against fire hazards.

Take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your employees from fire hazards by investing in high-quality fire-resistant workwear.

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