The Challenge

One-on-one trainers were becoming as common as kettle balls. On top of that, Definitions, among New York’s most elite one-on-one training facilities, was wasting their valuable resources by offering complimentary consultations to too many people whom we knew were not serious potential clients. So how do we differentiate the brand while reducing the number of wasted consultations?

The Solution

Target only high-net-worth individuals. And look for the long game, for deep pockets, for a wealthy and discerning clientele who appreciates the distinction between a muscle-head and a trainer with a head for exercise science, movement science or kinesiology. Now, speak directly to them in a language and with a look that says, Definitions gets you. Next, put this relevant content where they live, work and play. To reach this wealthy demographic, we implemented a precision media strategy via digital ads, video, broadcast, radio and tactical kiosks.

The Result

The campaign delivered on its promise in a big way. We drove traffic from the well-heeled streets of Manhattan to the totally redesigned website, where potential clients were encouraged to sign up for that valuable and persuasive complimentary consultation. The conversion rate from consultation to loyal client became an unheard of 97%, up from 52%.