Feury Branded Workwear Case Studies – How Our Customers Used Feury Image Group Services to Manage Uniforms and Company Branding

February 8, 2024 • Physical marketing, Uniform Programs

In our previous posts, we talked about Managed Uniform Programs in general terms, with explainers talking about what they are and what kind of customers take advantage of them.

In this post, we will go over a couple of real-life case studies and see how actual companies benefited from Feury Image Group’s workwear branding and printing services, managing to save money, cut down on administrative burden and offer their employees flexibility in one go.

The first is ThompsonGas – a leading American propane gas provider. With over a hundred locations nationwide and 75 years in the business, ThompsonGas had a long legacy of branding and widespread geography to contend with. The company has grown from humble beginnings in 1946, and has, throughout the years, acquired several smaller companies, such as Ramey’s in West Virginia and Region’s Propane throughout several Southern states.

A long history, series of acquisitions throughout several far-flung regions and managing a number of different brands necessarily creates challenges when sourcing uniforms, and this is where Feury Image Group was able to step in. Instead of sourcing uniforms and branding centrally, which would have created a large amount of overhead and presented massive logistical challenges, Feury Image Group set up an online branded uniform portal for ThompsonGas employees, which allowed their workers to log in and shop for branded uniforms individually.

As is our practice for large customers, we set up a special instance of our online shop just for ThompsonGas. The branded company portal allows workers to log in and use an allotment to purchase their own branded workwear – shirts, pants, outwear, headwear, and footwear – based on their location and job function.

We customized the portal to allow for different allocation based on field and non-field designation, as well as give remote workers, multi-brand managers, and executives

Our services extended not just to branded workwear, but a wide variety of other gear as well – ThompsonGas brand managers can add branded products of their own to the company portal, with items such as pens, stationery, water bottles all being available for purchase and employee recognition. ThompsonGas regularly uses branded everyday items to welcome new employees and show its appreciation for existing ones.

The next case study is the well-known supermarket chain Price Rite. The owner of Price Rite – Wakefern Food Corporation – is a cooperative that includes dozens of member companies that together own and operate hundreds of supermarkets throughout the US Northeast. Wakefern is the largest retailers’ cooperative group of supermarkets and the fourth-largest cooperative of any kind in the United States.

Wakefern was seeking to conduct a chain-wide update to design and presentation for Price Rite, which called for a unified design and the development of a full range of branded apparel and printed materials – workwear, uniforms, decoration, department signs, price signs and more.

Feury Image Group was able to step in and provide a full range of design, printing and branding services in a massive volume that unified Price Rite’s look and cut down on administrative overhead by allowing individual team members to order personalized branded workwear.

Just like with ThompsonGas, we created a custom online purchasing portal where Price Rite employees. managers and administrators could log in and use an allotment to purchase branded custom workwear.

We even provided on-site installation for printed signage – Feury installation teams helped manage the permitting process for each town for exterior signage to ensure zoning compliance.

Between design, printing, installation and workwear purchasing, Feury is the one-stop shop that can handle the biggest orders for the most complex customer needs. No matter how many locations and employees you have, no matter how many brands you manage and how many promotional products you need to brand, we can turn around design and workwear branding in massive volume and record time.

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