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  • Marketing Boomerangs – What You Give Away Comes Back to You

    May 22, 2023 • Physical marketing

    Promotional products are an effective way to increase awareness and generate positive brand associations. Whether they are used for marketing, branding, or advertising purposes, promotional giveaways have the advantage of performing like boomerangs; they have both an intended target and the ability to provide a return to the sender. These…


  • Beyond Digital: Physical Marketing Delivers on Complex and Challenging Needs

    March 29, 2023 • Physical marketing

    By Brian Feury, 3.29.2023 With so much attention paid to digital marketing, traditional marketing, also known as physical marketing, tends to get overshadowed and sometimes wholly overlooked. But increasingly, today’s customers rely on information from multiple sources before making a purchase decision. While digital marketing assaults us continually via the…


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