KS Industries

The Challenge

KS Industries (KSI), a leading provider of engineering, fabrication, integrated maintenance, and construction services, was looking to move from a rental/laundry solution for their 1,000+ employee’s FR Clothing. KSI needed a more personalized and flexible program, that could fit with KSI’s various workforce locations and requirements.



Feury Image Group transitioned KSI to a customized self- procurement program for their FR Clothing that adapted to the needs of each of their various segment professionals and allowed them to manage the program with more flexibility and efficiency for both employees and management. The Feury team communicated and collaborated with the KSI team to ensure that their employees transition to the new program was clearly understood, ensuring no lapse in safety during the process. Service delivery options were rolled into the new program, supporting employees needs, while allowing better price points to be achieved when turn around time allowed for more efficient fulfillment.

“The transition out of the typical rental/laundry service program to a self-procure program was painless. Our program continues to evolve and Feury has never said “that can’t be done”. Thanks Feury for delivering a program that is flexible, simple, and cost effective”

– Bret Kingsbury, CEO