Price Rite Supermarket

The Challenge

Wakefern wanted to broaden the upmarket appeal of their value Price Rite brand, without abandoning the value appeal for the Price Rite core shoppers. A contemporary upmarket retail design was created; the
challenge was bringing this design to the Price Rite “pallet sell” presentation and non-conforming market structures and configurations.

The Solution

The Feury design, print and installation teams went to work, adjusting store layouts and graphics to create a uniform customer experience out of non-conforming spaces. The Feury studio worked with the design team to create a custom palette signage solution that was employee friendly, and supported a cleaner and more uniform presentation. Feury print and installation teams coordinated with design to ensure the new brand standards were executed to specification in all expressions. Feury installation teams managed the permitting process for each town for exterior signage to ensure compliance.

”     This is the first system wide re-brand that we have had to execute for Price Rite and frankly we were intimidated by the amount of custom work, detail and challenging timelines that needed to be managed for the initiative to be a success. Having Feury’s integrated team managing the project has made (the process) seamless and stress free.      ”

– James Dorey | PRICE RITE