Price Rite Supermarket

The Challenge

Wakefern wanted their value Price Rite brand to go big. Our challenge was to bring a contemporary, upmarket sensibility to the traditional and uninspired discount-market “pallet-sell” presentation, with its awkward physical and visual configurations. And we had to do it without both alienating the Price Rite core-shopper and jettisoning the brand’s value-appeal.

The Solution

Out with the old branding and in with the new. Create a custom pallet signage solutions system and put it to work across all expressions to support a cleaner, more uniform presentation that would wow employees and woo customers. Once the new brand guidelines were established, the Feury design, print and installation teams worked closely to ensure the new standards were executed to specification throughout every touchpoint along the customer journey. In addition, the Feury team managed all permitting in each town to guarantee exterior signage compliance.

The Result

Overall, the redesign was a win-win for Price Rite. And, going forward, Feury created a proven template from which all Price Rite stores could cull for any future redesigns.