US Open / Levy Restaurants

The Challenge

Produce and provide flexible signage installation options, uniforms and offset printed menus for Levy Restaurants at their premiere event of the year – the US Open. And tackle a last-minute, time-sensitive addition head on – the production of food stand-specific apparel.


The Solution

Be the one vendor who can fulfill all of Levy’s needs by meeting and exceeding the upscale restaurant’s demand for the highest in print quality and custom event uniform standards. Be the vendor who can assist with graphic design, carefully curate paper selections and protective coatings, cost-effectively print and install large format signs throughout the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center with minimal turnaround time. Prove your mettle and make our client shine.

The Result

We proved our mettle, made our client shine, and more. Throughout the process, Feury won the trust of the USTA itself, who then went on to commission our team to work directly with them on additional projects. To this day, the USTA remains a loyal client.