Valley Bank

The Challenge

Valley Bank, facing a significant rebranding initiative across its numerous locations, sought to efficiently and effectively outfit its employees with new uniforms reflecting the updated brand image. The challenge was multifaceted: to manage the transition smoothly, minimize inventory and distribution commitments, and maintain budget constraints while ensuring brand consistency across hundreds of sites and thousands of employees.

Solution: Feury Image Group stepped in to transform Valley Bank’s approach from transactional and reactive to intentional and proactive. First, we developed a web-based managed apparel platform, custom-tailored to Valley Bank’s unique needs. This innovative solution allowed Valley Bank to streamline the ordering and distribution process, significantly reducing the managerial burden of keeping their workforce uniformly branded.

Subsequently, Valley Bank required further integration for their rebranding initiative, involving the update of brochures, marketing materials, promotional items and business cards with new logo imprints. Feury Image Group facilitated this transition, ensuring all materials aligned with the new brand identity. This included the adaptation of retractable banners to attention-grabbing fabric retractable models and the production of promotional items for high-profile events and employee appreciation, all showcasing the bank’s revamped brand.

Outcome: Through our comprehensive approach and deep understanding of Valley Bank’s needs, Feury Image Group helped eliminate cost, inefficiencies, and managerial burdens associated with outfitting a large workforce. The partnership not only streamlined Valley Bank’s uniform and promotional item management but also played a pivotal role in the bank’s successful rebranding effort, demonstrating our ability to use our expertise and technology to craft solutions that enhance brand consistency, service quality, and competitive pricing.