Yale New Haven Health

The Challenge

Yale New Haven Health needed to clothe 11,000 employees in 36 individual groups, across 9 different medical facilities, from Clinical to Non Clinical staff, in purposeful and unique uniforms, each embroidered with their own version of the overall YNHH brand. These employees would be given uniform allotments, but those allotments would vary by group and were only applicable on approved items – and these allotments needed to be managed monthly.

The Solution

Feury developed a custom web program management solution which upon login, identified each employee by department and presented them with only their approved items and embroidery requirements. The system updates twice weekly, to keep current with changes in staffing and provides YNHH with a bi-weekly report on employee activity and expenditures – allowing better budget management of the program. Feury took the extra step of opening a brick and mortar storefront to better serve the YNHH community, and branded the entire program and store as “Work Hard, Dress Right”. Feury developed marketing channels for the brand, including social, web, video communications, to increase awareness of the program, and keep staff set up to date on new items or changes in the program.