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  • Fire-Resistant Workwear –Who Needs It and Why?

    December 22, 2023 • Flame-Resistant Clothing

    When it comes to choosing workwear, safety is always a top priority. In industries with a risk of fire hazards, having the right protective gear can make all the difference. What is Fire-Resistant Workwear? Fire-resistant workwear, also known as flame-resistant (FR) clothing, is designed to protect workers in high-risk industries…


  • Explainer: What exactly is a Managed Uniform Program? What services does it provide?

    December 16, 2023 • Managed Programs, Uniform Programs

    A managed uniform program is a service where a custom workwear company like WorkHardDressRight  provides its business or institutional clients with workwear, and takes care of it at all stages of its lifecycle. This means everything from the inception, which includes workwear selection, design, branding, manufacturing, sale and delivery; through…


  • How High Visibility Clothing (HVC) Fits into your company safety culture

    November 22, 2023 • Hi-visibility Clothing

    High-visibility clothing (HVC) is an important part of personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers in many industries. It is designed to make the wearer more visible to others, especially in low-light conditions. This can help to prevent accidents and injuries. There are several ways in which HVC fits into a…


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